About Me

I’m Richard Leader and I’m a marketer…

I’ve worked in B2B, B2C and government markets as a salesman, a marketer, a trainer, a consultant, a website manager and a customer retention specialist.

I believe in understanding all I can about the business.
I don’t believe in marketing buzzwords.
I believe in understanding what makes the customer tick.
I don’t believe in playing politics.
I believe in ROI and building profitable brands.
I don’t believe in investing without a return.
Most importantly, I believe every decision should be underpinned by analysis and every campaign offers the opportunity to learn.

Currently looking for opportunities with entrepreneurial organisations who believe in building customer loyalty.  Contact me if you would like a chat.

In other news, I’m a Dad to two kids, a husband to one wife and a (currently) woeful supporter of English Cricket.  I cook, I read, I listen to music, I like to paint (though I have absolutely no talent for it whatsoever) and the more I play golf, the worse I seem to get.

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